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A Daily Journey


Art is about finding the honesty that is in the feeling, the truth of something I could not understand without my hands exploring all the reaches of possibility for me.  I can breath deeply when the thoughts and the noises begin to fade, and in in its place a stillness and a presence that becomes me.  It is hard for me to understand this myself but it is a feeling of all the atoms coming together in just the right order. I am no longer just myself but I am more myself because I feel connected to the cobweb, the binding thread of life. It is really the cessation of the thinking mind that is so precious to me, for it is rare and powerful in its assurance. Whether you call this flow, passion, or love, it is that which can not be distilled into words but exists in the place that has always been there behind the clutter and noise. It is in this sacred place where I find wisdom that listens and then breathes life into what has been found. 

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